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I've been thinking about this game for months. The art and the music is sooo so good. It's a simple story, but the representation it provides felt important, as a queer Asian femme myself <3. I have found it very relatable and inspiring in reminding me to be brave and to care about myself. I recently had an experience that put me in Michelle's shoes, but I thought about her journey and I chose courage and such beautiful things happened after that! Thank you so much for making this game!!!

Hello! We're glad to hear you enjoyed the game and found the story and characters resonating with your experiences. We're so happy to hear that wonderful things have happened in your personal journey and we're honoured that we could be a part of it. We wish you all the best and we hope many more beautiful and joyous moments to come for you. We appreciate your sincere sharing and support. Thank you very much! 

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As an asian lesbian, having this kind of representation of cultural nuances around family and queer identity meant everything to me. This is a beautiful game, with vibrant artwork, a catchy soundtrack and  compelling historical setting. I loved this game, and I'm looking forward to seeing future projects!

Thank you very much for playing and sharing your thoughts! We're glad you enjoyed the game and appreciate your kind message. The story and message we wished to present in this game is something very dear to us. It means a lot to hear that the experiences represented in the game was something meaningful to you. Thank you for your support! 


This game made me cry.  I am in a place and time where I am away from family and those who matter to me.  The main character is also like me shy and rarely people get to see the inner layer as I am sensitive to the abuse in the world.  Truly a game I shall re examine when I am in a place and relationship that I can look to replicate such loving values with sincereity.  One of the most all time moving games that had me balling my eyes out (lot of trauma and stress).  Honestly I cannot forget this game and it has imprinter just how lonely my life is.  I like the game but its also really sad haha


Hello. We really appreciate you taking the time to write out your thoughts. We're touched hearing that you found the story resonating with your personal experiences. We hope you can be in a better place soon. We wish you all the best. Thank you again for playing our game and sharing with us. 


This game is deeply beautiful and thought provoking. Not only lesbian lovers can learn from this game but all lovers at different stages of life should understand there is no specific route or pre-made model for love and for life,  just be yourself, be happy, and support each other to the end of earth

Thank you very much for your feedback. We're glad you found the game a compelling and relatable experience. It means a lot to hear from you. We really appreciate your sharing and kind message!


I just finished the game in one sitting and it is amazingly well made! It’s not quiet what I was expecting or hoping for, but I enjoyed it immensely!

Great job in making this!

Thank you for playing our game. We're glad you enjoyed the experience!

Hi! I'm so sorry for the trouble, I'm getting issues launching this game on my Mac. Computer says the file is damaged and can't be opened. :(


Hello. We appreciate your inquiry. With the newer versions of MacOs, we recommend you to run the game using the application. Please see the bottom part of this post for a guide regarding MacOs installation instructions. 

Thank you so much for the reply, i’ll try that! 


Nothing short of amazing. I haven't really read/watched much of Hong Kong related media and since playing I feel I need to do so now. Both Michelle and Sam are adorable as well. Thank you for releasing an amazing vn~ <3

Hello Froey. Thank you very much for playing our game! We're glad we could spark an interest for you and that you enjoyed the setting and characters in the game. We truly appreciate your support and feedback.


I love this so much! the characters, music, art, backgrounds, and the way the story was explored in Hong Kong in 1986 showed how much effort was put into it. I will cherish this game, it's one of the best VNs or rather any type of media in general I've encountered, it's been a long time since I felt so attached (and so fast too!) to a story and its characters who felt real, I enjoyed reading and getting to know them with all the details about their lives and gestures.

I can't wait to unlock all the cutscenes in the gallery (trying to figure out how to unlock the only 2 left), I'm choosing different dialogues to see how interactions pan out and I enjoy seeing the differences.

Looking forward to more of your work Oracle & Bone! :)


Hello. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! We're glad to hear that you found our game and story to be a cherished experience. It means a lot to hear that you found the characters to be endearing to you. We hope you enjoy the rest of the game. We really appreciate your words of encouragement and support. We'll continue to do our best in future works. Thank you! 

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Sfw? Just wanna know if i can play it in communal areas or not edit- oh lol just saw the nsfw patch


Hello. Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, adult orientated scenes can be disabled for a SFW play through.


Bought the game on Steam on release and it kicks ass. Great art, great tunes, great story. Please enjoy.

Thank you very much for your susport! We're glad to hear you had a good game experience. We appreciate hearing your feedback! 


This game means so much to me - in terms of representation and being seen, not to mention it was just fun to play. Iunno how to say this, but I'm totally amazed how realistic you guys were able to make the scenarios. I've had such similar experiences: I'm half-Hakka descent, used to ride around a scooter w my gf on the back, did the whole star-gazing thing, etc. The only difference I guess, is that my "Michelle" chose the alternate ending where she left me, and I haven't been able to find anyone else since haha. Anyway, your artwork and dialogue and sound design is top notch. Will defo support your next work. Please keep it up! 


Hello!  Thank you very much for sharing your feedback and your personal experiences. We're touched to know how the game related to your family background and life experiences.  Even though your path separated, we're sure both of you carry on a beautiful memory. Thank you again for sharing your story. We appreciate your encouragement and support. 


This game has touched my heart in a deeper level, as a lesbian woman, i'm so happy and thankful for seeing a game like this. The writing, the art, the music, the characters,  everything is so perfect and well made, thank you so much for making it. I hope you make more games like this <3 i'll buy all of them!!


Hello. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It means a lot to us that this game has a personal connection to you. We're glad you enjoyed the story and game experience. Thank you very much your support and encouragement!


Oh my... I regret waiting and buying it on a discount, but hope it is better to buy here on itch then on Steam (better revenue share), and ask my partner to buy awesome soundtrack too.

So many outfits.. so many stunning landscapes and backgrounds.
So many things hits home even if I am not from Hong Kong of 80ties, but I am glad it was not too much heavy for me (like... uh.. The Chinese Botanist's Daughters movie) and.. gives me strength.

Great to get to know about some real people and places of Hong Kong, and.. food not just been food. 
I hope to see another insane work of yours.

Thank you Oracle & Bone, greetings from Ontario.~


Hello from BC! Thank you very much for your support. We appreciate to know that you found the game a positive experience and its story relatable to you. We'll continue to do our best and we're grateful for your company.


Thank you Oracle & Bone!

I absolutely loved this game.

The romance between Michelle and Sam felt absolutely real.

While the struggle on their way to a relationship felt sad at times, the ending was very satisfying and hopeful.  A description of the ending I read somewhere that I found very fitting read as follows: "Hope in the face of an uncertain future".

Or to say it in other words: This game made me very happy.

The music and graphics, both in style and quality, also really helped to immerse me in this game.

Hong Kong in the 1980s with its music and cinema scene were a fantastic setting for this game.
The word setting feels a bit like the wrong word here because of the (historical) realities reflected in the game (the handover, the current situation of Hong Kong, the cultural background of the characters, etc.). This context and the execution of said context in the game elevates Hong Kong to be far more then a normal setting.

I will remember the story of Michelle and Sam (and Hong Kong) for a long time.

I'm very excited about the next game from Oracle & Bone. And it doesn't have to be a sequel to A Summer's End. Yes, I'm definitely interested in the future of Michelle and Sam.
But I've learned so much in this game that I'd also like to play a game set in a different place and/or time with different characters.

And now I'll listen to some Cantopop again (ok, ok mainly Anita Mui). Thanks for the Spotify playlists by the way.

P.S. Thanks also for creating a Linux version.


Hi Pommes. Thank you for sharing your reflection about the game. We appreciate your understanding about the story's setting and unique historical circumstances. We're very glad to hear you enjoyed the game experience. Thank you very much for your support and for giving this game a chance. We hope you look forward to our next work! 


is this just yuri


AHHH!!! I'm shook

Im so shocked by the quality of this game-- it was amazing in every aspect. The writing was witty and moving, and so refreshingly natural. I really could imagine real people saying these things, and there were even awkward silences too, which just screamed slice-of-life.

The soundtrack is truly stunning and fits the vibe PERFECTLY. Honestly, I'll probably buy the soundtrack too cuz it's just SO GOOD. I especially loved "Smooth Funk" by Jared Stevenson, which I know is not included in the soundtrack, but I'm so thankful to HK1986 for introducing me to not only this, but other songs too that were mentioned in the story! I had the Deanie Ip song on replay the entire day yesterday LOL. Those 2 songs especially made me wanna fall in love so badlyyyy. The "Smooth Funk" one always makes me feel like I'm chilling in Sam's apartment when I hear that rad bassline. If anyone hasn't yet, check out the Spotify playlists for this game! I think I found Sam's Mixtapes (A and B sides, which is sooo cute and so classic cassette) on O&B's tumblr. UWUUU <3

The art, the colour palette, the entire aesthetic is BREATHTAKING and so, so pleasing.. I kept replaying so I could unlock everything in the gallery, and I also kept taking screenshots of everything lol. SO PRETTY. Also wow. I just wish I lived in the 80s, the outfits and style is just the best.

I also learned so much about Hong Kong during this time period, and I really appreciate the amount of effort y'all put into making this a respectful snapshot of the era, while acknowledging the struggles that are still going on. And thank you for making a game in the first place about asian WLW. I felt so, so, so represented and it hit me all the harder for being able to relate so well T.T

Ugh I can't stop saying good things. This is forever on my favourite game list. I've already recommended it to some friends. Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece, and I can't wait to see more from Oracle & Bone! Y'all are amazing and talented and <3

P.S.  come on, I cant be the only one who felt anxiety every time Sam and Michelle were out and MICHELLE JUST WOULDN'T CALL HER MOM T.T Pleaseee Michelleeeee just let your mom know youre not coming home, I was getting so much secondhand stress eeeek

Hahaha omg you were not alone! I stressed out all the time and said to Michelle "Please call your mom!!" And when she finally was like "oops I should call my mom!" I could finally breathe lol


Thank you! I have enjoyed this story so much. I appreciate the effort that went into creating the backdrop of 80s Hong Kong, and I could certainly see a semblance to movies from Wong Kar Wai and others, especially with the vivid colors and art style. It worked for me anyway. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Hong Kong with friends before, and I could almost smell, taste, and hear the place come to life throughout the game. The adult content was just right for me, as you have described in your blog - it doesn't feel voyeuristic but flows naturally with the story. Like a sprinkle of spices on an already exquisite dish. Again, a wonderful game that I can totally recommend!

I am also impressed this is done in Renpy. It must have been a pain to tweak, for this game looks anything but your standard Renpy fare! 

The only thing I was missing was choices. I know this is primarily a Visual Novel and not a choose-your-own-story-game. Still, while there needn't be an awful lot of choices, at least at some key story moments I would actually have liked to have more of a say in how they'd turn out. There are a few choices, but not enough for any replay value (for me). I found it surprising given the effort that clearly went into everything else: story, visuals, UI, soundtrack. It should have been ease to create some variations in dialogue.

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BUY THIS!!! This is easily the best visual novel I've ever read, and one of the best games in general that I've ever experienced.  -It needs to be made into a movie. The art and visual style is vibrant and gorgeous, the music -outstanding (the credits theme slaps so hard). The setting, dialogue and story felt so real and impactful, you can tell how personally invested the developers were. The setting of Hong Kong in the 80s is so incredibly interesting, and the effort taken to make it feel authentic is unreal.  

If there's any merchandise or any other way of supporting the dev, I absolutely will. This is seriously impressive Bone and Oracle, you've made something really special that millions can enjoy. Can't wait for more. 

P.S. I just got to the end and I am completely blown away with how amazing the experience was.  I'm honestly scared to experience the other endings, Sam and Michelle together forever!


Thank you very much for sharing your feedback! We appreciate your support and your kind words of encouragement. It already means a lot to us to hear from you. We're glad you enjoyed the story and visuals. We're really happy to hear that the game was a good experience for you. 


This game was absolutely beautiful in every way, and I'm so glad I bought it. The characters are amazing, and everything was handled wonderfully. I definitely cried at a point (but it was good crying). Thank you guys so much for making such a fantastic game!


Hello! Thank you so much for playing the game. We're glad you enjoyed the story and found it emotionally engaging. Your words means a lot to us.  We appreciate your feedback and we'll continue to do our best in future projects. Thank you again for your support! 


I NEED MORE!!! lol

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As someone who adores vaporwave aesthetics, synthwave music, story-rich visual novels, AND wlw narratives (particularly ones that help add some cultural diversity to their respective mediums), this feels like it was made for me.  Lovely story, characters, music, message, and ART. Oh man, the art... it's like I was completely transported into their world. 

Thank you so much for this. I hope to see more from you/your team in the future!


Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game. We're glad we could create something that fits right into your interests and your understanding and care means a lot to us. We appreciate your feedback. We'll keep doing our best! We wish you the best too.

This looks great, unfortunately encountered a bug. On a fresh download from here on itchio, put the patch in and booted the game and got this error:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

After initialization, but before game start.
Exception: DirectSoundCreate: Mixing buffer was lost

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "E:\Games\Video James\a-summers-end-universal\renpy\", line 316, in bootstrap
  File "E:\Games\Video James\a-summers-end-universal\renpy\", line 561, in main
  File "E:\Games\Video James\a-summers-end-universal\renpy\display\", line 1659, in __init__
  File "E:\Games\Video James\a-summers-end-universal\renpy\audio\", line 860, in init
    renpysound.init(renpy.config.sound_sample_rate, 2, bufsize, False, renpy.config.equal_mono)
  File "renpysound.pyx", line 383, in
  File "renpysound.pyx", line 98, in
Exception: DirectSoundCreate: Mixing buffer was lost

A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986 1.0
Wed Jun 24 23:21:39 2020

Hello. Thank you very much for your interest. 

We're sorry such an error occurred when you launched the game. It may be an error associated with your audio input. 

The most common solution seems to be restarting and then running the game as "admin." Another way around it might be to disconnect a headset if you're using one and run using speakers instead. 

We hope this helps! Let us know if this works for you!

Yes both running as administrator after unplugging my headphones worked. Plugging them back in also let me still use them. Thanks!

That’s great to hear! We hope you enjoy the game!


This might be the most beautiful story I had the honor of laying my eyes upon in a while. Super endeering the whole way through!


Thank you very much. We're glad you took the chance on our story and game. We appreciate your feedback and support!


My only disappointment came when the credits movie started to roll and it was over... but that song... I could loop that song for hours.  As I write this after having played through a third time to get the 'ultimate' scene after the finding the second ending, I'm just sitting here listening to the menu song  over and over.  Excellent audio design.

In this day and age of political and cultural pandering it was so refreshing to see a naturally building story, characters with actual depth and growth and poignant discussions that weren't preachy/out of place but felt like something these two would actually be interested in.  I cannot stress enough how enaging this story was, and I am probably not the target demographic. ;-)

The artwork detail was immaculate.  The settings were so fleshed out and believable.  I may have felt a need for more expressive reactions from characters sometimes is was hard to read the emotion but often the subtlety was spot on.  Even your adult content was classily portrayed and the writing took it where it needed to go.

I think that most of the critics of this project are going to be those who were approaching it as just another eroge VN title, which is unfortunate.    

I've seen mention of the possibility of a Vol. 2 in the future and I have high hopes.  I am really struggling to find a fault with this game... the visual style, the writing, the music... this VN was one of the most immersive things I've experienced in a while.

Thank you for the journey.  I can't wait to see where you go next.


Hello! Thank you so much for sharing with us your thoughts. We're glad you gave our game a chance! We're happy we could share this journey with you. Your feedback is meaningful and helpful to us. We'll continue to do our best with our future projects and stories. We sincerely appreciate your support and care!  Thank you so much again.


When I first try out the game, the design of the game GUI gives me the feeling of 80s-90s time as it takes the old television design. It is a great match with a story that took place in 1986 and brings people back to that time like you are watching a drama unfold.

The quality of the artworks and the details are really great that you don't really see this kind of details in VN. I can see the amount of effort put into each of the works itself and also was shocked to know that it is only created by one artist (from the rolling credits). I thought that some of the pictures were photos instead of artworks when I was just glancing through it.

Each characters have their own styles and you can see their own characteristics which defines themselves and breath life to them as you play through the game. It is as if they were real person who have this issue during that era and also worrying their own future as well.

The musics are great!! I like Sam's choices of the songs she listen to. They are some great songs during that time.

Although the story ends a little too quick, it is nevertheless a great game to play through and I sense some hidden messages within this game and also noticed a number of people able to catch this by reading through their comments.

Overall, this game itself was a mixture of beautiful artworks, interesting GUI to fit the age and great story. I greatly recommending this game!! Try it and I am sure you will never regret it.

P.S. If you have a past that were like the main character, you can definitely feel a lot from it. Every single moments will let you reminiscing about the past that you had with the special person that stayed in your heart no matter how long it went by.
P.S.S. I noticed that Sam (grown up) looks alot like Cecila (young). I wonder if it is because that Sam (young) looked up to Cecila (young) that Sam followed Cecila style when she grown into an adult.
P.S.S.S. I certainly does not think that the adult patch is R18 for me as it is way too mild but nevertheless they are nicely done and the subtle feelings are great too!


Hi! I would just like to share my thoughts in playing the game. First of all, I really love the way the characters portray their feelings towards each other and seeing different endings made it clear to me that reality is sometimes tricky, but no matter what choices or paths we take, there will always be memories that would remind us of the journey and how it brought us together, with a happy or bittersweet ending. 

Secondly, I really love the vibes and the artistry of the game. I feel like I lived in the year 1986 even though I was born a decade and some years later. 

Lastly, I am really thankful I found this game. It was worth it playing it from midnight until sunrise. I am also thankful to the creators for this wonderful game. I somehow don't like playing VN that involves Yuri or lesbian but, Holy Mother Mary I changed my mind the moment I saw how sincere they were towards each other and one thing I really, really love about Michelle is how she fought for her happiness. 

It may be too long to read but this is the only way I can express my appreciation and gratitude. So once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 


Hi! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our game. We're glad to hear you enjoyed the story and we appreciate you dedicating your time towards it. Thank you for giving our game a chance. We're happy to hear you found it worthwhile and engaging. It's encouraging for us to hear your feedback and your thoughts and feelings towards it. We'll keep doing our best!  Please take care as well. We hope you have a good rest after it!


Quick note on the patch. In itch every download will get it's on folder.

My download order was: Manual, game, patch

Thus the manual for me is: 
While the game is in: 
  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\a-summers-end 2
and thepatch was then downloaded in: 
  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\a-summers-end 3

For the patch to work, copy the patchfile in the folder the game is in, but unlike Steam, not in the same folder as the  executable (HK1986.exe), but rather in the subfolder "game"

For me that would be:
  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\a-summers-end 2\game

If you didnt start with downloading the manual its probably 

This is the same folder that holds "archive.rpa" 

Enjoy <3


I started playing during lunch yesterday. Big mistake because I definitely wasn't paying as much attention to my work that afternoon as I should (or any really), or anything else untill I finished it.

The art is gorgeous, and the story is really captivating. 

The weird thing is, this plays in 1986, so some dark corner in my brain is yelling at me to find out what happened with Michelle & Sam in the following 34 years. I'm really hoping on a follow up of some sort.

rating: 11 out of 5 stars.


Hello! Thank you for giving our game a chance. We're happy to hear you liked the story and art!

We appreciate your feedback and your support. Thank you for taking your time to play and read through the story. We'll definitely follow-up on Michelle and Sam's story but we're sure if they're in this world, they're living happy and fulfilled lives together.

Thank you very much again! Please take care. We hope you have a great day! 

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p.s. has Charissa written anything else? I like her style, with the little details popping up, and love to read more in any format. 


Thank you so much! She's happy to hear of your interest. We are working on a new work so we hope you look forward to it! Thank you again! Please take care. 


I've played through this twice now and I will be playing through it a few more times going forward.

This story is poignant and solemn and beautiful. It sets a stage in a unique setting that isn't often explored and you can tell it was crafted with love for both the setting and the time.

Sam Wong is immediately iconic, showing off the brand of exhuberance and fun-loving adventure the 80s are so often remembered for, while the protagonist, Michelle Cheung, portrays the clashing undercurrent of conformity expected out society's women in the day. The clashing together of their lifestyle creates a beautiful lightshow that will end on a note dictate by the player's choice at crucial moments.

The art is fantastic, the music is stellar, and the reverence and homage paid to its inspirations and origins is palpable. This is a steal at the price, and well worth it for a flavor of lesbian romance that is all-to-difficult to find in the visual novel space.

Please, please play this game and immerse yourself in its story!


Thank you for taking your time to play our game! We really appreciate your support and care for the story. Your attention on the details and cultures are very meaningful to us. 

Your feedback is very important and encouraging for us.  Your summary is a wonderful description of the story.  We're really glad to hear it was an experience enjoyable for you. 

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your very much support. We'll continue to do our best! We are cheering you too!


When I first discovered this game the beautiful art and style drew me in. I watched the trailer and it made me feel nostalgia for a time and place I've never experienced - I watched it again and again. I didn't buy the game then and there as I had never played a VN before or anything remotely in the same vein.

But I was infatuated and returned to watch the trailer daily for maybe a week before finally buying it. I'm so glad I did.

I was unsure how immersed I would get in the story with it lacking detail and description of a book but I loved the atmospheres created by the brilliant art and excellent soundtrack and obviously I became invested in Sam and Michelles development and relationship - all the other characters are great too! There's quite a few parts and aspects of the story and characters that really resonated with me. I also read your blogs and enjoyed the insight into making the game.

I've tried to keep this short as there's so much I could go on about, giving praise or talking about all the ways it has inspired me. It's kinda formal and a bit of a ramble but idk I wanted to share.

I love the game and am looking forward to the OST release and whatever you two make in the future



We appreciate you taking the time to share with us your thoughts. Thank you so much for taking a chance with this game. We're glad to hear it was an experience that resonated with you. It means a lot to us to hear that the characters and story was something you enjoyed. We're encouraged by your words and we'll keep working hard! 

Yes! We plan on releasing an OST soon. We hope you look forward to it! 

Thank you again for taking your time to read through the story. We really appreciate your care and support. 


Wow, just... wow!

I reaaally loved this VN! The first impression I got of Hong Kong - not sure whether to call it "fake" or not - was from the dystopian cyberpunk game "Deus Ex" (the first one). And I loved that. But that's not all.

Now, I know a lot of big cities almost all over the world (US, several EU countries, several Asian countries), but coming from a small, rural town, I disliked all of them - with one exception. And that's Hong Kong, that I had the opportunity to visit back in 2011, together with a former colleague of mine who grew up in the city (he was a great guide, so many awesome experiences!).

The fear of and worries about the handover were already present vividly back then, when talking to some of the locals, but I wasn't aware that it was already on peoples' minds this far back.

I'm left to wonder what it really was like back in 1986 though, because back then, I was just a little kid... But anyway, I remember Hong Kong as the one and only big city I ever managed to actually really like, even if it was the Hong Kong from 2011, and not from 1986.

I truly wish the city and its people all the best!

Now, finally, about the VN: Good story, very good characters, absolutely gorgeous graphics (so many CGs!), and a great soundtrack! Plus, that "neon" feel. As for the story, I made all my choices by gut feeling, but it seems I got the perfect ending right there! :)

Loved every bit of it! Easily in the top 5, likely in the top 3 of all Yuri VNs I've ever playread, and that's a lot of VNs.

Thank you so much for this, you did an awesome job!


Thank you so much for sharing! We really appreciate the time you took to play the game and for writing out your thoughts and insights. We're glad we could share you this story and that we could take you back to the setting of Hong Kong. We're happy to hear you liked the story and game. It means so much to us to hear your feedback. We appreciate your support and care! Thank you!


So, it's always a Risk - right? When you set your sights(and hopes) on a vn with predetermined MC and LI who you might not like - or they come across as shallow. But I'm Truly Glad I gave this one a go.

I came across you all and this game entirely by chance and was enamored by all the RESEARCH I saw put into it. There was a real Depth of Feeling - a Poignant Desire to express something Specific. Playing and completing A Summer's End; I feel you achieved what you were going for: Something Authentic; something Real. Something Raw and Painful and Wise.

I admit, the story started a bit slow in my mind - it started like every story. That's not a bad thing - but it didn't really catch Fire for me until Michelle and Sam met and starting bouncing off each other. Making those sparks. I don't know how others felt, but I LIKED that Michelle had this '...and - Why are you talking to me? Shoo.' vibe when they first met. I like when fated pairings start off bumpy like that. It shows they have no idea they're going to get together.

Honestly: Michelle was my baby - I felt so Mama proud with her life choices. There was something so Precious in seeing her Growth. She WASN'T Perfect - she F-ed up multiple times - but I RESPECTED she OWNED IT. She knew when she hurt Sam, she knew when she wasn't being True to herself - and while Denial reared its Ugly head more than a few times - she Always Acknowledged where/when she fell short. And Committed to being better. Even if it took a few times. Adored those FUN, RANDOM Feisty choices you could make as well (i.e. 'I'll take your CHAMPAGNE AND YOUR TEQUILA SUNRISE'). It made Michelle such a full-bodied flavor. I also appreciated she could stay True to herself in said choices; it seemed like I got the 'Good' ending even though, quite often, Michelle didn't like what Sam liked. I wasn't pandering for this character to love me, choosing what I thought THEY would want to make the relationship work. Respect.

Sam, tho - SAAAAAAM. (Young Sam can GET IT, btw - OOF~ <3) Speaking of, FAVORITE MOMENT of the game was when I saw that Rewind and then we got SAM'S POV. I - SCREAMED, hunny. I wanted to know her feelings SO HARD. And you pulled it off! It's not easy writing the same scenes over -- even with a new person's perspective -- but you gave just Enough without it being repetitive or overbearing. I feel like a Lot of these games Focus on the 'Michelles', the ones who are having existential crises over their sexuality. Not that it isn't important: But what about the Sams who found out on their own, who embraced it - who found their own Paths? Who Live their Truth. I loved Rewind because I got to see her Struggle; *That* was when she became Human to me. Not just this smiling, charming LI. There was so much behind that smile - Sam Hurt too - and while I would've Loved to have seen More of her Pain, I felt like you didn't make it so much about MICHELLE, that Sam wasn't lost. Also loved her friendship with Cecilia - FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS, AMIRITE?

The MOTHER. *Sighs* It never ceases to Amaze me how 'Mother' can cross cultural lines. The DISAPPOINTMENT. The GUILT. How they can precisely and effectively cut you down where you're weakest because they KNOW. In the end: I think we all just want our parents to be proud of us. A daughter and mother's relationship is one of the most complicated things in this world -- and you portrayed it with Vivid Realism. It was Painful. It was Hard. When Michelle finally got to 'I can't live my life for my parents' realization - PHEW. One of the Hardest Lessons to Learn; but so Worth It.

Jeffy-Jamie-Joey -- Bless Him: I Could Not STAND HIS FACE. Every time he talked, I just - GAH. I appreciate you didn't make him 'THE MAN' (though, in some ways he was), the 'VILLAIN'. He could only be himself. Still: Kick Rocks, Joey.

Also - can I just say THANK YOU for Adult patch? Like - I GET IT. I think it should Always be a choice, but I am a personal HATER of 'fade to black'. And playing Both with and without it, I found the story lacking Without. It wasn't as DEEP. Having Tasteful, non-Vulgar scenes doesn't mean CENSURE. Doesn't mean it can't be SEXY. Two women together are as beautiful as any other and it NEEDS to be shown. So, I STAN. So Proud of you for doing it.

All in All: Glad I paid for this. Glad I *Supported* this. Loved the Aesthetic, Loved the Music(GOSH - THE MUSIC). LOVED the OUTFITS! And that when a character DID something (like removed a scarf and gave it to blah) YOU SAW IT. The Sprites CHANGED. That's a small detail that's HUGE to me. Biggest Compliment I can give Any other Creative is that experiencing your work made me create as well. It made me *Think*; it got the juices flowing. I'm Very Picky about what I consume, so that's A LOT. Fabulous Job, OB. Keep living *YOUR* Truth.


Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts! We appreciate you giving us a chance and we're glad to hear it was something you didn't regret. We appreciate what you have to say about the characters and their development. It was very insightful and what you interpreted was something we wished to express. We're glad you like the art, aesthetic, and music too. It makes us happy to hear you notice and appreciate the little details in the game! Thank you so much. Coming from you as another creator your compliment and feedback is so encouraging and it means a lot to us! We'll keep working hard.  We wish you the best too on your creative endeavours! We're cheering you too! Thank you sincerely! 


It makes us happy to hear you notice and appreciate the little details in the game! <-- THIS. Know it was a long read, but I always try to give commentary/FB (ESSAYS) like I'd want on my own stuff. ;) This game was Def deserving. Additionally: While I may not know as much on Hong Kong as others (beyond what I read - and what is that really?) or have a personal connection, that sense of Uncertainty that pervaded as a central theme still Translated given our own times right now. Where a lot of Us don't know what will happen next week, let alone next month. That was Powerful; it felt like this game was made for This Moment. Give all the pats on backs.

Thank you for well wishes/cheers as well! Want All my Creatives to WIN. <3 Can't wait for your next hit!


No, long commentaries are so important and insightful for improvement and growth! Thank you so much again for your time and care. We really appreciate your understanding. Yes!  Let's work hard together! We hope you're safe and well! We wish you all the success!

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I struggle to find words of praise that haven't been said already.
And I am still too emotionally touched by that nostalgic sad but happy feeling I was allowed to experience from the story, art and music. Even when I would be a few years too young to experience 1980s Hongkong, the accurately presented setting still reminded me a lot of my childhood with aching memories.

Personally I don't want to criticize anything right now as it wouldn't feel right in light of the amazing work overall.

I much hope to see more from Oracle & Bones.

Thanks a lot Ms. So and Ms. Kietsungden for this very special and beautiful gem of a Visual Novel!


Hi! Thank you for playing this game and for giving us this opportunity to share it with you. We appreciate your care and feedback very much. Thank you for sharing to us your thoughts. It means a lot to us! We'll keep doing our best. Thank you so much for your support!


Hey hey, me again.

I want to add that I can't stop listening to the soundtrack because I love it so much. Makes we wish to return to the illusion of a nostalgic perfect past when days were simpler.

My favourites are "dolphin" and "eighties".

On one side I would like to upload the OST on youtube to share it for the world and to let the other people be able to listen to such wonderful music comfortably, on the other side I neither have the right nor do I want to publish them without your permission. Especially since you are planning to release them as a purchaseable/or maybe even free?^^ DLC in the future anyway.

I only want to give my kudos to the artist and composers for putting everything so well fitting together.

Aside from this, I know you girls have just finished a big project and probably want to take a break. But I am still curious what your current thoughts are and if you are working on anything specific right now?

Also I don't know how to say this properly, but you really gained a fan with me and so many other people with the conveyed message. If there is any way for me to support you even more, please let me know!
(Just a silly idea in example, would you be interested in a free of charge english->german translation?)

Stay safe, especially in times like these!
Love xoxo



Hello Landal!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We're glad to hear you like the soundtrack! We are in discussion with the artists involved, Stevia Sphere and Crystal Cola, to release a soundtrack very soon. We appreciate your care and interest sincerely! 

We are doing our best to continue and expand the of Michelle and Sam in another medium outside the game format. We also plan to have a new story to share but it is still in the very early phases of development. 

Just hearing that you enjoyed the game is already an encouragement to us. Thank you so much for your care and your support. Would it possible to contact you via email to discuss further? Please know you email us on our contact page or reach out to us on social media if you want discuss with us. We appreciate your understanding and feedback. It means a lot to us!

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Of course, I would be happy to continue our conversation! I just texted you my e-mail adress via facebook, together with some example - hopefully I am not imposing on you.


Loved this game, its so clear how much care and emotion went into this game. Will the soundtrack be made available at any point? I think it would be nice be able to listen to it on its own. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work of art with us


We're glad you liked the game! We hope a soundtrack released in the future. It's something we're working on and we'll share an update once we know more. We really appreciate your kind words of feedback. Thank you so much for your support!


This was really fun to play -- i got both endings. I'm a little confused on what triggers the bonus scenes though, as i still seemed to have missed three scenes. I'm assuming maybe they have to do with picking a different animal?

Hello! We're glad you enjoyed playing through the game! Yes as you have mentioned below, how you interact with Sam and tune with one another during the story would affect how you respond to Sam in certain bonus intimate scenes. We hope this helps! Please let us know always if anything. Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate you giving us this chance to share this game with you!

It would be really cool if I can actually decide the names for my character and my "partner"


Hello! Unfortunately we did not think of implementing a naming option. We wanted it to be a narrative game with a set storyline between two defined characters. We hope you'll still like the game. We appreciate your interest!


This game is really fit my taste and I enjoy it a lot. The writing is great. I would rate it 9/10 but if I can choose the names then it would be 10/10. Idk it’s just hit me differently when I can relate myself or see someone I know in the game even though it’s just the same name. It gets me more emotional I guess. 

Thank you! We're glad it was something you enjoyed! Thank you so much for your support and giving it a chance. We will definitely keep your feedback in mind for future projects. We appreciate it!

How do you get the other ending? The game description says there are two endings, but I am confused as to which choices effect the story's outcome.

Not to spoil anything, but from my own play through, i believe it's how 'confident' you are in your attitude towards Sam. 

(1 edit)

Hello! As anonstrea has mentioned below, how you interact with Sam will affect how you may respond to Sam though one particular choice is quite consequential to the story. We hope you're enjoying the game so far! Thank you for support!


It kinda a shame that the game GUI didn't match the art quality, but I'm looking-forward to Summer's End so so so much


Thank you for your feedback.  We appreciate your interest! For the GUI it was an intentional design choice. We wanted a minimalist user interface as we did not want the text box and game menus to cover up the colourful and varied backgrounds or the 3/4 length character avatars. We want it to be easy to read and not distract from the art. 


I think you could keep them simple yet suitable to the art, like make text box and choice box border blue neon light like the logo?


I like the way the GUI looks though. It looks like the old TV during that time too and it fit the 80s mood. The things that you are suggesting might ruin the whole game in my opinion as the neon lights will be very distracting when you play games like this as it will cause the strain to your eyes. I guess the developer for this game can't satisfy people with their liking but I really think that they did a great job on it to suit the theme for the game.

Thank you so much for your care! Yes, you are correct about the neon colours affecting eye strain. It was something we wanted to avoid as we want our players to have the most pleasant reading experience. We appreciate your feedback and support and we hope you’ll enjoy the game!

I mean like-the-logo which mean the box just need be border like that, not the whole box have that color. And this is the 1st time I hear Renpy default UI "give the 80s mood".

And this is MY opinion which the dev could give it a thought or leave it, no harm done.

Thank you very much for your feedback! We’re glad to hear from you and we really appreciate your care for the details! We have tried different designs prior and intended to keep it simple and plain. 

Thank you for your feedback. We decided to go with our current look based on early feedback we received from play testers. We have experimented with a variety of colours during our initial design phase and we found that colours with high saturation did cause significant eye strain and clashed with our other art in game. We appreciate your care and comment and we hope you’ll have a pleasant game experience!


Looks like something i'll enjoy. Followed so hopefuly Itch emails me on release. Any idea on price or still sorting that out ?


Hello! Thank you so much for your interest! The game will be $14.99. More information can be found in our press kit which is located on our website. We hope you’ll look to the release! Please let us know if you have any questions.


I'm counting down the days until release!

This has everything i've ever wanted in a game


Thank you so much!  We hope you’ll enjoy the game! We really appreciate your kind words of encouragement and support!


Wow!!!!!! The art looks fantastic >< it is in my strike zone too! I am looking forward to this. Can't wait to play this. Hope the launching date comes soon.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you very much for your interest! We're really glad to hear and we hope you will enjoy the game. We really appreciate your support!

I can't wait to play the game! hope to see it launch!

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